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We are here to help our communities, one house at a time. Weather you need to sell your house fast, looking to buy your dream house, or if you are interested in investing in real estate. We have something for everyone on this site. We are a residential development company focused on giving back to the communities we do business in. We specialize on transforming distressed houses into beautiful homes. So if you have a house that needs to be sold quick or you are looking for your next home or you are trying to grow your capital, we encourage you to contact us and let a member of our team give you more information. Contact us.

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Calling all Wholesalers in Baltimore and Montgomery Co.

Posted by Daniel Calzadillas // October 9, 2017

Baltimore. Montgomerty Co. wholesale, wholesalers

We are real estate solution specialists looking for 3 wholesale deal in the before October is over. Doing business in the DC metro area, our goal is to have these properties rehabbed by the end of January. The houses need to have a minimum of 70% AVR in order for us to take it seriously. […]

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Leaving home for the holidays?

Posted by Daniel Calzadillas // December 12, 2016

We at Empire property Investments know that your home is one of your greatest investments. Taking some basic steps to protect it before going away for the holidays can leave you with a peace of mind while enjoying time with family and friends. Before I begin with the home tasks, I want this very, very […]

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Sell House Fast Maryland

Posted by blogger // October 12, 2016

While often misunderstood, and grossly underestimated, real estate wholesaling has broken into the lead as the best way to make money in the property industry… Learn how to sell houses fast in Maryland Busting through the myths, hyped up reality TV shows, and biased online real estate forum banter, the real math and data shows […]

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